Tracing Nullable type in C#


During industrial internship at Lovely Infotech(Aug 2013 – Dec 2013), one of my friend has problem in a program. He want to fetch some data from database and which give null in some cases, to store in value type variable(actually in database, there is field that may accept null value, in case of when data save to database it allow null to save, so obviously when returning this value it will return null).  And C# doesn’t allow to take null in value type variable, because C# datatype have a fixed range and are represented as a type in the System namespace. So after give many try on this error, he reached at conclusion that C# value type doesn’t contain null value.

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My favorite Programming language

Well, when it war to choose one best programming language, every time C# wins the war. Because of its very well documentation on MSDN, powerful features ( like OOP , reflection etc) , greater run-time (automatically memory garbage collector), reliability ( type safety), portability( in term of mobile OS like windows, iOS, Android) and many other features.

If one know C# then he can surely do good in window programming(win-form, WPF,XAML), web development(, MVC), or mobile development(window phone). Because these technologies are interrelated to each other. 

But, obviously, other languages is not behind, they are going along with each other. Specially in web technology HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and JavaScipt. Specially the last one “JavaScript”, its own the all developer’s heart because of its simplicity, run either client or server side, can be embedded in java, C# and C++ project, and its huge open source community. Nowadays it using in window App store development, with HTML5 and CSS3. 

In mine case I like most C#, ASP.Net(C#), ASP.Net Mvc5, XAML, WPF, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery. 

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A fresher in blogging

Since, this is my last semester of course and final exam is over, my college life is about to finish. But let’s face it. 😦 . As student (or maybe even soon to be at job for in IT industry, however I will always be a student for learning new technology), I think we all need support to get everything we want. So finally, that’s why this blog come into existence.

As I know myself (means don’t want to lie with you :)), blogging is not piece of cake for me. It is always Bad enough when I want to post status on Facebook. It is just completely a mountain to climb or just racing in marathon. But I just trying it and I am very exciting for this ( how I am writing this post ?….  amazingly surprising for me…  )

This blog’s goal is to provide college student and non-college student (like me 🙂 ) some support, by programming experience. I want to make this blog as my notes book( as in my whole student life I never made any notes for courses but I will try my best…. ). Where I can put some program snippets, notes, algorithm so other student can get help.  I will be posting on tips, helpful advice, other useful things. I am sure it will be helpful.