A fresher in blogging

Since, this is my last semester of course and final exam is over, my college life is about to finish. But let’s face it. 😦 . As student (or maybe even soon to be at job for in IT industry, however I will always be a student for learning new technology), I think we all need support to get everything we want. So finally, that’s why this blog come into existence.

As I know myself (means don’t want to lie with you :)), blogging is not piece of cake for me. It is always Bad enough when I want to post status on Facebook. It is just completely a mountain to climb or just racing in marathon. But I just trying it and I am very exciting for this ( how I am writing this post ?….  amazingly surprising for me…  )

This blog’s goal is to provide college student and non-college student (like me 🙂 ) some support, by programming experience. I want to make this blog as my notes book( as in my whole student life I never made any notes for courses but I will try my best…. ). Where I can put some program snippets, notes, algorithm so other student can get help.  I will be posting on tips, helpful advice, other useful things. I am sure it will be helpful. 

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