My favorite Programming language

Well, when it war to choose one best programming language, every time C# wins the war. Because of its very well documentation on MSDN, powerful features ( like OOP , reflection etc) , greater run-time (automatically memory garbage collector), reliability ( type safety), portability( in term of mobile OS like windows, iOS, Android) and many other features.

If one know C# then he can surely do good in window programming(win-form, WPF,XAML), web development(, MVC), or mobile development(window phone). Because these technologies are interrelated to each other. 

But, obviously, other languages is not behind, they are going along with each other. Specially in web technology HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and JavaScipt. Specially the last one “JavaScript”, its own the all developer’s heart because of its simplicity, run either client or server side, can be embedded in java, C# and C++ project, and its huge open source community. Nowadays it using in window App store development, with HTML5 and CSS3. 

In mine case I like most C#, ASP.Net(C#), ASP.Net Mvc5, XAML, WPF, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery. 

Just stay tuned for other interesting post 🙂 .


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